Prevent Climate Change - Bovine Methane Restrictor

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How do you stop methane from coming out of a cow? It's obvious! Get this supersized cork and follow the instructions - "Lift Tail, insert firmly"

The inventor is a farm boy from Kentucky, turned engineer who has calculated that if the claims that cows really produced enough methane to cause climate change, then the dairy barns would be blowing up all across America. Heard of any doing that? Me neither.

So whenever one of your liberal friends tells you not to eat steak because of climate change, tell them you have the solution and hand them the cork. Tell them to handle it by the edges because it has been used, and watch their eyes bulge as they drop it on the ground!

Disclaimer - This is for entertainment purposes only - Do NOT do this to an actual cow. If you do you may be subject to legal penalties and/or arrest. (Sorry folks we know you are not really that dumb, but the lawyers require it...).

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