The Bleeding Hearts are the Gullible Faction of the Authoritarian Left

There has always been two major factions on the left.  They are the power-mongers – who use government money in the form of welfare, entitlement programs, grants, subsidies and alleged free stuff to gain and maintain power – and those often referred to as “bleeding heart liberals.”  The latter  tend to believe that all problems can be solved by government intervention and unlimited spending for every cause they bleed over.  In their utopian fantasies, they seem to have no understanding of reality.  They do not focus on broad social issues but have a fairy tale mentality that each and every individual anecdotal problem can be resolved by government – especially federal government – spending.  And the power-mongering left – including the news media – takes full advantage of their naivete and gullibility.

One of my old college friends and one-time political partner – and now Facebook friend -- has turned into one of those bleeding hearts.  He constantly moans about the evils, injustices and shortcomings of American society in responding to what he believes needs to be done for for the people – and it always means more money from Uncle Sam.

 I assume he also believes that his demands COULD be actually be met.  And there is the rub.  He, like others on the far left, have no acceptance of reality.  No realization that every wish list has a cost – and people who must pay the cost.  Even worse – a lot of the costs for their wish list are IMPOSSIBLE to cover.  There is not that much wealth to be had.  They are the children in the room asking Santa Claus for everything without understanding the ways and means of getting all those “toys” – all that so-called free stuff.

This is the kind of stuff friend writes on Facebook.  I will not reveal his name to spare him more embarrassment than he already earns with his postings.  But he is a personification of much of the far-left thinking – good intentions … okay … but no common sense.  Claiming America is a government “without heart or soul,” he writes:

I don’t much care what political parties have done or are doing amidst this crisis. I do care that those who need help aren’t getting the help.  Shameful. Cause. Effect. Result. A virus runs among a populace. People get sick. People die from this virus. The economy is shuttered to control spread of the virus. People lose jobs. Money stops flowing. Food, housing, healthcare and other necessities become unaffordable. In a hurry this happens. Governments go into action to help but the largest government now sits on its hands doing nothing for its people.  Yes. Shame. In America.

My first rebuttal is to his claim that our government “sits on its hands doing nothing for its people.”  Really?  The American government does more for the people than any government on earth – and we have the annual deficit and the National Debt to prove it.

There is a belief among people like my old college buddy that the Democrats are currently offering to provide what the people NEED – at a cost of $3 trillion dollars.  Republicans who are trying to keep the cost of the latest relief package to something closer to $1 trillion dollars.   And bear in mind, we have already spent several trillion dollars helping the unemployed, renters, parents and businesses – and that he considers “doing nothing?’

In addition, Uncle Sam gave virtually all taxpayers – and non-taxpayers -- a nice no-strings-attached gift of $1200.  There even maybe another in the future.  Three people in my household each got that check – and to be perfectly honest, none of us needed it.  Even though our financial resources are very limited, our lives would not have changed significantly without the extra money.  We would not have gone homeless or been unable to put food on the table.  We could still pay our basic bills.  My youngest son lost his job and received more money from unemployment than he was earning on the job thanks to that $600 kicker.

There are a lot of people who are not as fortunate as we are –and we are by no means even in the upper middle class.  I understand that.  But as a nation, we are a rich enough and kind enough nation that we can provide for those in genuine need.  But that is not how progressives think.  They lack any appreciation for the reality of limits.  The see taxpayer money and borrowed funds as unlimited.  So, why not spend and spend and spend and spend.

I have often said that if the Treasury Department suddenly found one trillion dollars under a desk, every liberal member of Congress would each spend the entire one trillion dollars.

If you follow the news every day, as I do, you will hear one guest after another – one analysist after another – seeing every problem being shortchanged.  We need more money for schools … for cities … for students ... for medical workers … for teachers … for the unemployed … for the elderly … for the infirm … for … well, you get the point.  For the left, every claimed desire must be funded or our government is “doing nothing for its people.”

Perhaps my old classmate has not actually considered what $3 trillion represents.  Let me bring it down to more comprehensible terms.  If you make $100,000 per year, it will take you … are you sitting? … 30,000 years to earn $3 trillion dollars.  To complete that task today, you would have had to start working for that 100K just about the time mankind developed the first form of the written words (cuneiform) on clay tablets.

Unfortunately, not all the big government folks are the bleeding-heart dreamers.  There is the more sinister faction that sees government handouts as a means of hooking people on generational government dependency.   And I am not just referring to those trapped on generational welfare impoverishment.  No. No. No.  I am thinking also of those colleges – and their professors -- getting government grants.  Those business getting huge subsidies.  Grants to such organizations as Planned Parenthood – and all those billions upon billions of dollars flowing to special interests.

The Republicans have the unfortunate task to be the adults in the room – and most of them are living up to that responsibility.  But saying “no” does not make a person as popular as promising the moon.  If we follow the fairy tale utopian policies of the left, we will do much more harm than good.  Benjamin Franklin forewarned us that “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

The left – both the power-mongers and the bleeding-hearts – seem to have discovered how to vote for money – money we do not have.  We can only hope and pray that the adults will take charge.

So, there ‘tis.

 By Larry Horist

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