What’s the Deal With Joe Biden and China?

William F. Strong

If you were concerned about Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged ties to the Government of Ukraine, you should be more concerned about the former VP’s known ties to Communist China!

The Obama administration, and by extension, Joe Biden, had been very soft on China. White House adviser Peter Navarro recently blasted the former VP for his “cozy” relationship with the Communist Dictatorship. In a statement, where Navarro also accused China of spreading the coronavirus, he said that President Trump has been the only one to “stand up to China,” unlike Democratic rival Biden who’s “got 40 years of sucking up” to that government. Navarro also reminded all of those who would listen about the claim that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, took a billion dollars from the Chinese.

Joe Biden has a long history of being soft on China. Despite China's widespread trade cheating during the Obama administration, Biden, then and now has embraced a hands off kind of approach to China on the campaign trail. He has dismissed the notion that the U.S. should be worried about China multiple times saying "They're not competition for us," and joking "China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man?"

When Biden was VP, he was consistently against taking a hardline with China. He voted against revoking China's most-favored-nation status and has argued for permanent normal trade relations with the country.

In 2007, despite his tough rhetoric that he would take countries "to the mat" on trade, Biden opposed the idea of applying tariffs on China. And it was Biden who was the Obama Administration's leading pitchman for TPP, the awful trade agreement which would have allowed China to reap benefits from trade without having to abide by any of the TPP terms.

With China being cagey at best about the origins of the coronavirus, and flagrantly thumbing their nose at new fair and improved trade deals, there is nothing in Joe Biden’s proposed economic plan, or in the words of his campaign, that suggest as President he will be any harder on China, which could be a very dangerous place to be in these troubled times.


What do you think? Is President Trump the only President in recent history who has the right idea about the threat posed to America by China?


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