"Wacko" Conspiracy Theories That Were True!

Tired of all those government lies? Join the club. The latest push by the New World Order to impose medical martial law is demanding the time and attention of freedom fighters everywhere.

But wait - isn't the Wuhan coronavirus narrative true? Wasn't crippling the U.S. economy and putting millions of people out of work overnight a reasonable and appropriate reaction to a viral outbreak? Isn't forcing people to wear masks everywhere, keeping kids out of school, and shutting down arts and athletics the way to tame this rampant influenza?

To answer those questions in order: No. Not even close. Hell no.

If you think the U.S. government (or parts of it) isn't capable of hoodwinking millions of Americans, think again. Following are just two "wacko" conspiracy theories that have proven to be true - not that you'll read about them in the fear-mongering rags being paraded as "news" sources.


Yeah, they are. (For details, read UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases by Jean Broida.)

After decades of an official federal policy of deny/discredit/distract, in April 2020, the United States Pentagon, the nation's top military defense organization, officially declassified three leaked videos taken by Navy aircraft carrier pilots on several different occasions.

Navy pilots have been reluctant to report unknown objects for fear reprisals ranging from ridicule and shaming to a dishonorable discharge with no retirement benefits. Rather than abandon the good name of these honorable servicemen, the Trump administration made history when the Pentagon declassified the viral "Tic-Tac" videos and stated they were authentic.

While this news was lost to the noise of the ongoing Scamdemic Theater raging throughout the land, UFO disclosure just happened.

Admitting that the videos show "unexplained aerial phenomena," neither the Pentagon nor the pilots will state on record that the source of these mysterious aircraft that defy conventional aerodynamics (and how!) is extraterrestrial.

Presumably, the reason the official story is now, "Yeah, UFOs are real but not extraterrestrial in origin," is the best spin the CIA could salvage from the embarrassing leaks.

Because the mainstream media ignores important news and focuses on petty minutia, almost no one heard the news that a prominent federal defense agency just admitted that unconventional aircraft have been recorded by Navy pilots who are heard exclaiming, "What the $*@#%! was that???"


Almost certainly not as this defies video evidence and the laws of physics.

Since President John F. Kennedy, Jr. was shot dead in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, shocking the nation, the U.S. federal government has continued to wage its first wide-scale, successful propaganda campaign to deny a truth so obvious that high school students could understand it. The official "lone gunman" theory of who shot JFK was balderdash from the get-go and Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged lone gunman, was the patsy. He didn't survive long enough to tell his side of the story.

The CIA continues to suppress thousands of JFK files that might contain evidence to support or refute the lone gunman theory that is still being promoted by the federal government as gospel.

In 2017, thousands of pages of long-secret, assassination-related documents released by the National Archives revealed that, within a few years of Kennedy's assassination, some CIA staffers expressed doubts internally about the truth of the official story. This agency warning never came to the public's attention.

Who would stand to gain from murdering JFK? The people who killed him, obviously. Was it crazed Marxist Oswald or a calculated plot to rid the planet of the last U.S. leader to promise peace as a solution to world problems? You decide.

These are just a couple of examples of "wacko" conspiracy theories to compare against the current viral response. One discredited claim has proven true (there are UFOs) while one remains hidden from public scrutiny scores of years later (JFK files).

Now, ask yourself: who stands to gain from imposing a New Normal - a New World Order - on the U.S. and every other country in the world? No small businesses, no cash, only fear of your fellow human beings and mandatory viral testing and vaccines.

Connect the dots and follow the money, Freedom Lovers.

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  • JFK was NOT shot dead. And no one ever, or will ever, get a dishonorable discharge and his pension removed for reporting seeing something strange. This is a bunch of bullcrap nonsense. I thought this site made some sense, but it doesn’t Unsubscribe me from this stupid site!!

    Joseph Kinge on
  • Les, It would be great for him to do that except for one thing. He doesn’t have the authority to do so. The Constitution gives states the authority to conduct elections. The best that can happen is for people to file lawsuits against such practices and see them through the federal system to the Supreme Court where a final constitutional determination can be made.

    KenM on
  • JACK, There’s only one way to put this, you’re a complete knucklehead!

    John Shirley on
  • This has nothing to do with Conspiracy Theories; but you are the only place that I could put this idea. Why doesn’t Pres. Trump do an Executive Order banning all Mail in Ballots, and extending the Election a couple days to let those who did M.I.Bs to vote personally. Not talking Absentee; just the ones that had no background checks done. Sure, it would piss off the Left; but we would know that the Election was legit, give people time to vote, stop the weeks or months of counting votes, and rule out all fraud!! Hopefully this idea can reach him soon enough to make a difference for honesty and integrity!!

    Les Grant on
  • All true! You forgot to mention 9/11, one of the biggest hoaxes! Bush did it with the help of the CIA, the private army of the Establishment!

    Jack Brannan on

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