Trump Says Pentagon UFO Footage Is “One Hell of a Video”

As you may know, the Pentagon recently declassified videos shot by the US Navy, that it admits show “unidentified aerial phenomena.” President Trump has said of the released footage, “I just wonder if it’s real. That’s a hell of a video."

The president who has been known to make jokes during his briefings could have said the words as a lighthearted comment designed to shut down further conversation. But Trump's particular choice of words should pique our curiosity.

First, he is reinforcing the fact that the U.S. military and intelligence communities cannot explain what these objects are. Trump and certain members of the House and Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees have been briefed on what is known about the objects. But those briefings center on the objects' indicated capability and behavior patterns, not their origin.

Still, Trump's saying that he wonders whether the objects in the videos are "even real" is noteworthy. Those words match up with the argument propagated by some, that these objects might not actually be real in the first place. Some have suggested these objects are actually the products of highly advanced and top-secret electronic or psychological warfare capabilities or that they're a combination of both. Such capabilities involve tricking personnel and platforms as to the location and operational activity of enemy forces. The United States and China have invested heavily in trying to weaponize these capabilities.

So, are these objects merely some kind of illusion created by electronic trickery? The government's assessment is that this is highly unlikely, although not impossible. The multi-sensor platform data collected and the witness of multiple pilots in both the 2004 and 2015 incidents make the electronic deception theory less credible.

Moreover, the technical capabilities required to achieve such a disruption would have to be far superior to even the most advanced current capabilities, let alone 2004 capabilities. Were these unidentified objects illusions, they would have had to trick multiple independent radars, sonar, gun camera, and AWACS systems, as well as the flight crews' highly trained eyeballs. So that boosts the possibility that the three objects are truly "unidentified."

A final point to note here is that on this issue, at least, Trump is being very loyal to the interests of the so-called deep state he often attacks. After all, while the military has some legitimate reasons (primarily related to nuclear weapons/detection security) for keeping UFO research quiet, it could provide more information to the public without jeopardizing national security.

Trump presents himself as a man of the people, but on this issue, he is very much following in the secretive tradition of the military and former presidents ever since the Roswell incident.

By Mike F. Strong



What do you think of these Navy videos, and does President Trump know more about them then he is willing to reveal? Reply in the comments below.


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  • Of course, UFOs are real. I have been following the phenomena since the 1950s. There is too much info out there not to believe in them. Who pilots them and why the govt. suppresses the knowledge is a mystery to me. I am 86 and hate to think I might die before the powers that be admit the truth. Also, there was life on Mars and may still be. Why does our govt. treat us this way when we pay the bills.

    Carolyn Haney on
  • I have seen these videos and believe they are definitely real. I believe they are sent to spy on us to keep us from destroying ourselves just like the rockets were disabled at a base one night. I think they possibly they are sent by God to make sure we don’t bomb anyone. This is a far out idea but the only t hing I can think of for a reason.

    patricia ann malina on
  • The universe is so big no one can measure it, so it stands to reason there could be aliens.
    patricia ann malina on

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