President Trump Stands By Duo Fired by Fox for Promoting COVID Conspiracy Theories

President Trump has shown his support for a popular TV duo who were let go by Fox News for allegedly peddling coronavirus “conspiracy theories” on their broadcasts.

The pair, known as Diamond and Silk, whose real names are Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, describe themselves on their joint Twitter profile as “President Donald J Trump's Most Loyal Supporters”.

The two have been associated with the president since 2015, appearing at his rallies both during that campaign and as recently as early March.

The president has defended the vocal pair of right-wing activists who were reportedly fired from Fox after propagating so-called conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic – including that it is, in fact, a “plandemic.”

Their ouster from Fox was first reported by the Daily Beast, which pondered why the usually prolific pair, had not been seen on Fox News or had a video distributed on Fox Nation for an uncharacteristic length of time.

According to the Beast, the final straw that saw them retired from Fox’s outlets appears to have been their simultaneous embrace of several coronavirus conspiracy theories -- including that the World Health Organization has the ability to “turn this virus on and off”, that the virus was potentially man-made by the “deep state”, and that the death toll has been inflated to hurt Donald Trump’s reelection chances.

They also claimed that Bill Gates is funding COVID-19 vaccine research as a form of “racial genocide.”

On hearing the news that the two were disappearing from Fox’s channels, the president tweeted, “But I love Diamond & Silk, and so do millions of people!” The two replied, “We love you more!”

No clear formal statement about Diamond and Silk’s future has been made by Fox. The tweet from their account that President Trump replied to simply reads, “Haters keep saying they hate Diamond and Silk, but you can't hate what you ain't never loved!”

Were they fired because of the things they were saying were outrageous, or were they silenced because they were too close to telling the American people the truth? That dear reader, is up to you!

By Mike F. Strong


What do you think of the “conspiracy theories” that Diamond and Silk were talking about? Could they be true, and they were fired to shut them up and keep people from the truth? Please reply using the comments below.

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  • This nation has grown so stupid they don’t know good from the bad, To fight against a president
    who has done more good for our nation than any other in my lifetime and I am 82 years old, I
    can’t understand what has happened to good old common sense and knowing what can happen to our loved ones in the future by our common-sense decisions we make today.

    Raymond King on
  • The fox news ratings will be going in the wrong way.

    John Marion Hovis on

  • Is there anyone with a brain, that has not given serious thought to this pan…ic, dem being a purposeful act by the RED Chinese??? As soon as they said incoming flights cancelled and half the population of China getting on outgoing flights, I believe the cat/bat was out of the bag!!!

    Paul Alexander on
  • I believe in some conspiracy theories I for one believe that the democrats had some thing to do with this whole virus miss.

    Carl J Bujan on

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