The Lesson CHOP nee CHAZ

The lesson that should not have needed to be learned in Seattle is that anarchy results in violence.  The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) -- previous declared as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)  – is a case-in-point.  The name change is a distinction without a difference.

Despite the left-wing news media portrayal of CHOP as some Utopian island within a hostile city, it is nothing less than a dangerous and illegal occupation by a criminal mob.  It is an unsanitary, crime-ridden area. 

Police and fire departments are on orders to stand down in the face of emergency 911 calls due to the hostility they will receive from the rabble occupying the Zone – all with the acquiescence of the local authorities.  In many ways, it is a real time recreation of the cult movie classic, “Lord of the Flies” – an immature and deadly social order created by the minds of children.

Crime is rampant and unchecked in the Zone – including robbery, assault, rape and at least three teenagers shot, killing one and wounding the two others – one critically.  The police were blocked from reaching the scene of those shootings – as the victims lay on the ground.

Did that 19-year-old deceased boy lose his life for lack of timely police and paramedic response?  It is not an unreasonable question – and should be investigated.  The family may wish to sue the city that abrogated its responsibility to their young loved one.

It is no small irony that the Zone now includes what was once a police station.  Even as the issue of the Zone was being debated, Police Chief Carmen Best said that the unavailability of the station means longer response times in the region beyond the CHOP – and essentially no response within.

Why is it becoming such a criminal Zone?  Well duh!  Every crook in Seattle must know that they can pursue crime without fear of police response.

A number of the businesses and local residents have filed several lawsuits against Seattle.  They are the slow-motion victims of crimes in which the criminals are easily identified.  Every leader in the Zone – and those who resist police intervention – are not only aiding and abetting criminals, they are criminals.

At last report, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Best are negotiating with the mob leadership to restore CHOP to city administration.  Imagine that.  They are negotiating with the anarchists, the terrorists and the criminals when, in fact, they have had the power to remove the criminal occupiers from day one.  Perhaps the criminals will abandon CHOP and scatter to the winds without any consequences for their lawlessness and violence.  But, it was both a tactical error and an embarrassment that the City surrendered the police station to the criminal rioters.

When the occupiers and vandals did not respond to demands to leave the area, many police – with tear gas, rubber bullets and billy clubs – could have cleared the area on day one.  But they were afraid that such actions could lead to a heightened and more dangerous level of confrontation.  It could.  And that is when the police increase their power.  Remember, a crazed mob of malcontent criminals cannot out power the police … period.  That is unless the police fly the white flag of surrender – which they did.

We must remember that the occupiers of CHOP are not peaceful protestors or demonstrators.  They are violent criminals promoting a war on civil authority.  They established their authoritarian a quasi-government, subjugating the people of the Zone through intimidation and a form of urban terrorism.  They are denying the legitimate citizens of that area their constitutional rights.

It is the duty of the police to protect peaceful and legal protestors – and they do – and to confront and arrest the parasitical criminal elements in the midst of those protests – and they do not.  It is time we stop this charade of peaceful protest when it comes to these antisocial individuals – and push back against the news media’s conflation of constitutional protests and criminal mob actions.  Until we do, we will see more of this type of mob action.

So, there ‘tis.

by Larry Horist

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  • Where is the tear gas? Where are the water cannons? We have had E-Phaugh-King NUFF of these thugs.
    Richard William Faith
    central Florida

    Richard Faith on
  • Since CHOP has declared its independence, there should be NO city services. Water, Electricity, Gas, police and Fire protection should cease. Want to be independent. You’re independent. It’s much like 18 year old little Suzie who “wants her space” but still wants mom and dad to pay all the bills.
    They will give up this anarchist idea in a hurry once support is completely withdrawn. Time for a little “tough love.”

    Timothy Smith on
  • Our governor is a coward who is stepping all over the rights of the people in this state and at the same time doing nothing to restore law and order. He’s really just shooting a commercial for his next run at the Presidency. Nobody even noticed him the first time.

    If people don’t wake up and kick his butt to the curb this November, there’s is no hope for a country left in need of a President.

    L Harrison on

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