The Latest Noose From The National Media

I turned on the news the other day to see reports of a noose being hung in the garage of NASCAR’s only black driver, Bubba Wallace.  (No relations to George).

This was an instant lead story – with anchors and panelists reporting, AS FACT, that this was a racist threat against Wallace.  The folks on the small screen were expressing their hope that the racetrack’s security cameras would capture the culprit. 

It was just more “evidence” of the racist nature of America, they opined.

In their rush to judgment, the media declared it to be a hate crime – with the implication that the perpetrator was one of those southern NASCAR fans who run around with the Confederate battle flag on their car.  Who else would have done such a dastardly thing?

There was an immediate show of support by the entire NASCAR family.  Dozens of drivers, officials and fans – mostly white -- marched behind Wallace’s car.  An overwhelmed and tearful Wallace wept along side his car and was hugged by NASCA legend, Richard Petty.

The press noted that “even the NASCAR fans” supported Wallace – as if that is something unusual.  The left-wing press still promotes the false narrative of pandemic racism in the soul of the American people – and that NASCAR is the sport of the deplorables.  In reality, the outpouring for Wallace was just another example proving that America is not a racist nation despite elements of institutional or systemic racism in the governance of our major cities – the vicious racism ignored by the elitist press.

J.R. Gamble, a sportswriter for The Shadow League , and online site, jumped to racist conclusion and maligned NASCAR fans in the process.  Under the headline, “A Racist Knucklehead Put A Noose In Bubba Wallace’s Garage,” Gamble wrote (highlight added):

“I knew that the NASCAR community and confederate flag loyalists wouldn’t like it when Bubba Wallace finally decided to not just blend in but stand tall by not only commenting on the death of George Floyd, but driving a Black Lives Matter car.”

The arrogant Mr. Gamble “knew” something that turned out to be untrue.  He misplayed the racist card as his type is prone to do.

With a potential to be a federal hate time, the FBI was brought in to investigate – and investigate they did.  According to their report, it was NOT a hate crime and was NOT directed specifically at Wallace – or anyone else.

It should be noted that Wallace did not report the noose even though he must have seen it and used it innumerable times.  The rope with the noose-like knot had been hanging in the garage for at least a year – a garage, incidentally, that other NASCAR drivers used in the past.  Furthermore, it may not have been put there as a symbol of racial intolerance.  It was the rope used to pull down the garage door – and the “noose” merely to make it easier to grip.

As if the rush to judgement was not enough, the elitist news media attempted to salvage their inaccurate racist narrative – not with an apology, but a doubledown.  Without knowing how put it there – or why – the folks of the Fourth Estate continued their campaign of pandemic racism by  continuing to advance the story that the rope was maliciously placed to send a warning to the black community.

For an industry that claims to present only the facts, the elitist news media were again proffering a pile of propaganda.

So, there ‘tis

By Larry Horist

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  • All you Mf’in liberal fuckheads don’t want to post my comments b/c you know that I speak the truth. You will never silence me or deny me my freedom speech. I pray that civil war happens soon…you will be hunted like feral hogs.

    13thApostle on
  • Fuqk Bubba Wallace, he knew and have seen that “supposedly” a noose that he claimed…but he took the opportunity and used it to perpetuate racism in America. Jussie smollet part two? The FBI should have investigated this Mfer first.

    13thApostle on
  • Sadly typical of our liberal media! Anything to stir up trouble! Sadly they are not held accountable for their lies and deceit!!

    Jay Williams on
  • There is a need for accuracy which is lost in today’s “journalism”. A noose uses a slip knot other wise it would not cinch on anything inserted in the loop. What is used on garage doors is a loop. It is used to tie up ships, to lash down cargo, to tie one ship t another. The reason the loop is on a garage door rope is so you can insert your greasy/oily hand into the loop to close the door so the rope will not slip. I learned it in Boy Scouts some 71 years ago and used it in a gas station garage some 71 years ago. This hysteria is the product of an anti-American media flooding the public with LIES. This, because they are dumber than a sac of rocks and people reaching for some notoriety because they can not get it with their accomplishments.

    phxgeo on
  • Poor baby

    nanc on

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