Is Something Sinister Going On in Antarctica?

Antarctica has always been shrouded in mysteries. The icy continent has allegedly been the home to Nazi’s, CIA weather experiments, and various UFO crashes, and/or alien bases.

Recently, however, a new mystery involving the virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass has been making its way through the internet.

An “ice ship” has apparently been “discovered” among the icy wastelands.

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A video featuring the ice ship has been uploaded to YouTube by a user named 'MrMBB333'. In the video, taken roughly 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica, a giant chunk of ice can be seen protruding above the white landscape. Interestingly, the protruded ice in the even surface seems very similar to a ship, and it has made many YouTube viewers believe that something sinister is happening in the South Frigid Zone.

In the video, when the Google Earth camera zooms into the area where the ship was spotted, the structure showed chimneys and windows. The video has now gone viral, and it has already racked nearly 150,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that something mysterious is going on in this snowy land. Some users even alleged that the ship might have arrived in Antarctica through a “portal” from the Bermuda triangle.

However, as with the supposed discovery of “alien bases” on Antarctica we reported on these pages a few months ago, “experts” believe that the new finding is nothing but a case of pareidolia where human brains form recognizable images of faces and other objects based on unknown patterns.

By Mike F. Strong



What do you think? What secrets does the mysterious Antarctic hold, and who is trying to keep them from us? Reply in the comments below.

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