Romney Marches on White House

Is it plain old bitterness that motivates Utah Senator Romney to repeatedly make a fool of himself?

You will recall him as the former governor of Massachusetts who was given the honor of being the Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2012. 

 Even running against incumbent President Barack Obama, the race was Romney’s to lose – and he did, by being a stiff starched-collar snob without an agenda other than wanting to be President.  Romney was also a flip-flopper of the first magnitude – have enacted Romneycare for the folks in Massachusetts and then opposed the essentially same Obamacare that was – at the time – very unpopular with the American People.

In 2016, Romney was not running, but he was one of Trump’s harshest critics – calling the New York businessman a phony and a fraud.  Once Trump won, however, Romney shamelessly starting humping Trump’s leg (figuratively speaking) in an effort to be named Secretary of State.  They even had a friendly tête-à-tête over dinner in an exclusive restaurant.

I never thought Trump would give him the job – but rather dangled the prospect to show what a political opportunist the smooth-talking Romney really was.  If that was Trump’s plan, it worked.  Romney looked foolish and humiliated by his supplication.

Romney returned to being a Trump critic, but not for long.  Romney’s Mormon religion made him a good prospect for a United States Senate seat in Utah.  Suddenly, it was time to play pattycake with the President again.  Trump gave Romney a full-throated endorsement – which was not inconsequential in view of Trump’s popularity among Utah Republicans. And so, Romney becomes the junior senator from Utah.

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Apparently, however, it was not a good faith rapprochement -- with Romney looking for a payback.  He got it when he was the only Republican in the United States Senate to vote to remove Trump from office after Democrats in the House sent over the uniquely partisan and baseless Articles of Impeachment.

Removing Trump from office without any evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” would have been an assault on the Constitution that would have grievously damaged any concept of separation of powers.  But the very venal Romney did not care.  It was the act of a very small man.

Seemingly incapable of skipping any opportunity to debate himself, Romney took to the streets of Washington to join the mishmash of protestors – legitimate and otherwise – to march on the White House.  Romney used what was left of his good name to vilify millions of good police officers by embracing the fraudulent banner of Black Lives Matter and in cahoots with Antifa – the violent wing of the political left.

More than anything, Romney seems to be driven by the fact that Trump is in the Oval Office and he is not. 

FOOTNOTE: looking at this photo, one can only wonder how Romney managed to avoid joining in with black protesters.

So, there ‘tis.

By Larry Horist

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  • IMPEACH CarpetBagger Mitten Swearer Willard Milton Romney The Obamney RIGHT NOW !! First, in 2002, as Salt Lake City Olympics Organizing Committee president, he wrongly swears at a Colorado security guard managing traffic in Utah’s Weber Canyon, so that he can get to the downhill in the Winter Games at SnowBasin before everybody else. Then, he forces all the Olympic volunteers, including my sister, to pay their own admission fee to the Closing Ceremonies when they just should not have had to. And to top it all off, at a post-Games press conference, he insults all Utahns, saying the meaning that we were too stupid to properly manage the Games without him. Is this really the type of arrogant, dictatorial snot-nose we should want for government? I still say, ‘Damn Shitty HELL, NOOOOO’ !! Make him pay all expenses back to the Olympic volunteers !! And lump him in with all spiritual Demon-cratic dictators and shove them into rat-infested poor houses NOW !!

    Craig Vernieu on
  • Romney should be recalled by the people of Utah because he is not representing the Republican Party he so far leftists it is not funny! He sides with the Democrats more than his own party !

    ANnette on
  • Of course it was bad optics to seek a job in the trump regime, but Romney has shown his integrity lately by protesting with his religious fellows and voting to remove the worst president in history from office. Your head is in the sand Larry If you feel there were no high crimes and misdemeanors brought against trump. Since when is attempting to extort a political favor from a foreign government by illegally withholding congressional approved funds not a high crime? History will show the 2020 senate that acquitted him made a huge mistake-which the country will suffer for till January 21, 2021. So there tis-Larry is wrong again….

    MIke on
  • romney is a corrupt liar,get him out of poliics he cant be trusted

    ian fleck on
  • Romney is a a nasty piece of work. He is not liked in Utah. We should just ignore him and give him no press time.

    Lynne Greenblatt on

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