Netflix Features Famous Berkshires 1969 UFO Sighting on Unsolved Mysteries

“Unsolved Mysteries,” the extremely popular TV show that ran in the late 80s and 90s, has returned to Netflix.

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The fifth episode of the new series covers one of the most extraordinary UFO events in recent history. It involves the “Berkshires UFO” incident of 1969.

Archivist Gary Leveille from the Great Barrington Historical Society, explained what viewers can expect when watching the episode which discusses a rash of UFO sightings reported in this area of Massachusetts in 1969.

“On September 1, 1969, a number of people had some bizarre sightings and they ranged from seeing a giant glowing disc right in front of them and then zipping away to what appeared to be actual abductions where time was lost and they were beamed into a ship,” Leveille said.

Right after residents experienced what happened, many phone calls flooded local radio stations, but there were also a lot of people who also stayed quiet about the situation because they feared being judged. Leveille told local TV station 22 News that his job as an archivist isn’t to judge the validity of the stories, but to gather the information on the sightings, and make it available for those who are interested.

Over the last few years, the historical society accumulated a file of drawings, photographs, testimonials, statements and letters from various people throughout the southern Berkshires who were involved with the UFO event on that fateful evening in 1969, Leveille added.

Episode 5 of the “Unsolved Mysteries” reboot investigates the “Berkshires UFO,” and includes footage from the Berkshire Athenaeum and the Pittsfield’s public library. The episode was partially filmed in the Local History Department of the library in 2019.

The area has been a hotbed of UFO activity since those first sightings in 1969. As recently as July of 2019, several Berkshire County residents had witnessed what they described as, "lighted objects," floating over Pittsfield and South County, rotating and turning different shades of, "orange, yellow and red."

A month later, Great Barrington residents reported seeing what were described as, "incredible flashing white lights," in skies to the south on August 1, and others reported seeing strange lights over Lenox on August 5.

Leveille says there have been “strange goings on” in the hills and mountains of the Berkshires for a century or longer.

Readers interested in catching the new version of “Unsolved Mysteries” and see the piece on the “Berkshires UFO,” can do so on Netflix. Other episodes in the first season delve into strange disappearances, “haunted” houses, and the search for horrific serial killers.

By Mike Strong

Are you excited about the return of “Unsolved Mysteries?” Have you watched the new show? What do you think? Reply in the comments below.


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