Joe Scarborough Peddling Lies to Cover for Biden

MSNBC’s morning host, Joe Scarborough, has surpassed his co-host wife, Mika Brzezinski, in over-the-top outrageous irrational and dishonest outbursts of political sewage. 

He has become the personification of the theory that if your arguments are weak increase the volume of your voice.  In his pursuit to vilifying anyone who supports President Trump – and his constant effort to try to shame people who vote Republican – Scarborough resorts to yelling into the camera.

In his latest tirade, the namesake “Morning Joe” host is trying to wash the hands of the Democrats of the disastrous and unpopular campaign to defund the police.  Scarborough suggests that Trump’s opposition to the defunding issues is just a repetition of Democrat leaders.  

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Scarborough says that Biden does not favor defunding police. Scarborough cites South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn as another prominent Democrat who has rejected defunding police.

Not is it true that Biden said he was not in favor of defunding police departments – as meaning taking away all funding and closing them down.  Only the lunatic left would support such a nutty idea – and they do.

However, Biden does favor strategic cuts in police budgets and reforms that would cut out portions of police activities. 

The former Vice President is very much in favor of taking money away from the police department – lots of money.  Biden is going along with the radical left in his party – and the police issue is no exception.

Like so many of Biden’s statements, they are just campaign driven talk.  He has not said one word against his Democrat colleagues who ARE actually cutting police funding – even as crime and violence soar in their communities. 

Biden has not called out New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for eliminating the special crimes unit that bore primary responsibility for getting illegal guns off the streets.  Biden did not protest when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cut $150 million dollars from the City’s police budget. 

Biden did not object when Minneapolis totally disbanded the police department in favor of something euphemistically called the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.

The reason Biden is equivocating on defunding the police is quite simple to understand.  If he openly supports defunding police in the meaning of his hardcore left-wing support, he will lose those voters in the middle – the independents and uncommitted. 

On the other hand, if he were to give full-throated opposition to defunding – specifically calling out those who are defunding police – Biden could lose the radical left.  So, he spins around the issue like a weathervane on a windy day.  And that explains Scarborough’s high-pitched mendacious efforts to get Biden off the hook.

Sorry, Joe.  No amount of yelling and spreading disinformation (lying) to your audience will change the fact that the Democratic Party – institutionally – is in favor of drastically cutting the budgets of police departments across the nation. 

No amount of political hyperbole can remove the left-wing anarchy stain from the hands of the contemporary Democratic Party.  A vote for Biden is a vote to defund police … period.

So, there, tis.

By Larry Horist

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    mmbjfxdamu on
  • It took Obama and Biden about 10 years to see their labor come to fruition. It was Obama’s adminstration that funded Wuhan in 2015, with Dr. Fauci. The Marxist BLM co leader, Patrisse Cullor in 2015, produced a video proclaiming their fame as Marxist trained organizers. Former associate of the Weather Underground terrorists Eric Mann has trained them, from the past history, like Obama’s friend Bill Ayers. We have links to the past terrorists. Former 1980’s terrorist, Susan Rosenberg was managing the Marxist BLM funds of millions. Obama brought in milions of Muslim immigrants to the U. S, increasing the Jihadists with another Islamic group, called the Islamic Circle of N. America. Joe Biden just recently quoted the Koran to his followers. They are financing billboards of racial division in CA. and agitating for terrorism. Add Obama’s Socialist agenda, with the leading Democrat Communists in our Congress, mayors and governors and you have facts. Soros has also funded Democrat Socialist candidates, who have an edge with Democrat attorneys, who are overthrowing the constitutional rights of citizens. He’s given several million to attorney Kim Fox, St. Louis circuit attorney Gardner, Fl state attorney Monique. Worrel and San Francisco D.A., Chesa Boudin, and civil rights leader Shaun King, who wants to destroy more statues. See why they are so bold?

    Eli on
  • All the riots, in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, NYC, Oakland, Portland, Seattle DC and elsewhere, are just precursors of what the DEMS hope will drive Trump from office. It’s why they support them. The result may have been revealed in 1989 and again in 2009 shortly before his death, to Rev. David Wilkerson in a short vision which he called “An Urgent Message” No time was given but a woman in Madagascar had a vision that made no sense to her but did to me. She saw people in long soup lines in a big city she thought was NYC. Two things puzzled her. Her job for 3 years had been to feed the really poor and she marveled that all the poor in the massive line she saw were wearing shoes, that her poor could not afford. The second thing that made even less sense was that she saw well dressed people driving up in Mercedes & Cadillacs, getting in line to be fed as well. This was to me what the Bible calls a confirmation. Look up and see what David saw – it’s just one page. Could this be the beginning of it? Only God knows but the DEMS say “Bring it on” Anything to defeat Trump and make us a one party Marxist system under them.

    Richard Pawley on
  • I would rather have Biden running this country than a criminal lunatic billionaire. The lesser of two evils.

    Rest your brain from trying to figure a witty or rhetorical response. We can agree to disagree.

    David Boutwell on
  • Morning Joe lost all credibility when he faked his “Thanksgiving Day” show pretending he was at the studio hard at work on the holiday when In reality the show had been taped prior. He didn’t count on missing news events that were glaringly absent from the show. If he’d lie to his audience about something as inconsequential as that, thee’s not much he wouldn’t lie about.

    Bill on

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