Is it time for Tea Party II?

There is a backlash coming.  You can feel it?  In fact, you can actually see it.

When the American political pendulum swings too far to the right or to the left – in the judgment of the American people – there is a necessary backlash reflected on Election Day.

This is the one time that we the people can exert our influence en masse over our public servants – apart from the pollsters, the partisans and t

he pundits who tell us what we think and what we should think.

If you review President Obama’s 2008 campaign rhetoric and political ads, he was promising a rather moderate – even conservative – platform. 

We forget that he opposed gay marriage, equivocated on abortion and spoke of strong message of unification behind a national American culture.  I recall telling a friend that if you just read the speeches, they could have been given by President Reagan. 

Obama clearly campaigned to the right of his party – and apparently his own intentions.

Once in office, the Obama administration revealed the liberal wolf under the sheepskin of moderation.  Even at that, Obama’s policies were far less radical than the political insanity that has since taken  over the Democratic Party. 

In response to the revealed Obama agenda, conservative minded folks all over the nation began to peaceably assemble and protest in the public square.  It became known as the Tea Party Movement. 

But what was the response of we the people – the voters?

 In the 2010 election, voters swept the Democrats out the lower chamber of Congress – and started a political tsunami that put Republicans in charge of two-thirds of the state legislatures and governorships, and thousands of local offices.

In 2014, voters handed the United States Senate to the Republicans – and in 2016, the White House.

To this day, there are still hundreds – if not thousands – of Tea Party groups across the nation.  They are generally small and have withdrawn from the massive protests that marked their initial rise.  But there is still significant infrastructure and a communications network in place.

Though yet unstructured, we have seen evidence of a new push back – albeit not under the Tea Party banner.  We saw it in those crowds that gathered in Michigan to protest what they believed was an excessive government shutdown of their constitutional freedoms to assemble. 

We have seen groups of citizens joining arms to block vandals from damaging and destroying monuments of all kinds.  Many are people like me that believe several of the Confederate statues should be transferred from places of honor to museums or other places of historic relevancy – not by left-wing vigilantism, but by the legislative process.

We saw the spirit of the Tea Party when thousands gathered in Tulsa for a Trump Rally.  We saw it again in the thousands who gathered to celebrate Independence Day at Mount Rushmore.  These are all organic grassroots events that could coalesce into a more coordinated Tea Party II movement.

In many ways, the upcoming 2020 election may be more akin to the 1968 election than 2010 or 2014.  The one dominant common feature between 1968 and 2020 are the excesses and street violence of the radical left – with deep anti-American sentiments. 

That is not new. 

Conservatives tend to protest peaceably within the guaranteed rights of the Constitution.  Violence is rare and minimal, although it does happen anecdotally at the hands of a FEW nutcases.  Left-wing protest tends to be violent, criminal and unconstitutional. 

The right of assembly does not confer the right to burn, loot, pillage, injure and kill.  It does not even confer a right to block public thoroughfares and access to homes and businesses.  In the name of protest, these groups and individuals incite mob violence.

Ironically, peaceful protests tend to be more powerful in opposing oppression.  We saw that with Gandhi in India and our own Martin Luther King in America.  They protested not only AGAINST the outrages of oppression, but as an EXAMPLE for constitutional freedom.

Perhaps it is time for the real Americans – of every race, creed, economic background, religion and sexual orientation – to stand against those would turn America into an authoritarian state in which a class of elitists would rule over geography – not a nation – of tribal interests with identity politics displacing e pluribus unum.

It is time for a Tea Party II that is larger, more diverse and more determined than its ancestor.

So, there ‘tis.

By Larry Horist

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  • I have a slogan that can be used very effectively. Considering all of the hate, violence, lies, fraud and so many other things with a negative impact on our country it is necessary to constantly use a new slogan that will unite the sane and dedicated citizens of America. The slogan is “TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE AMERICA”. It will help include and unite all patriotic Americans and help us defeat the evil Marxist/communist/socialist liberals on the left and hopefully the RINOs on the righet who are actually leftists.
    Bud Calkin

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