The Final Word on the Bubba Wallace Fake Noose Story

The reports that some White supremacist malcontent had hung a noose in the garage of NASCAR’s major Black driver Bubba Wallace was a major story for several days. 

Anchors were dredging up the days of Democratic Party lynching’s in the old south – but, of course, there was no mention of the Democratic Party’s role. 

Rather, the media maligned NASCAR fans by intimating that they are a bunch of White racist boobs. There was an FBI hate crime investigation.

In response, the nation rallied around Wallace.  The NASCAR family and fans turned out en masse to express support for Wallace – something one would not expect of a bunch of White racist boobs. 

But then the story changed. 

Turns out the rope was a pull to close the garage’s overhead door – and it had been hanging there for more than a year.  The FBI closed their book on the investigation, declaring that no hate time – no crime at all – had been committed.

There is a final chapter that has not been reported.  It was not a noose at all.  It is known to fishermen as a Kreh Loop Knot.   It does look a lot like a noose, but there is an INCREDIBLY significant difference. 

A noose is a “slip knot” designed to constrict from the weight of the body.  The Kreh Loop Knot is designed to NOT slip – but produce a permanent loop.  It is used for tying on fishhooks and securing boats to a dock.

So … the entire brouhaha was founded on inaccurate, hyperbolic, and sensationalized media accounts.  To use President Trump’s favorite appellation, it was truly fake news. 

As is their practice, the media amplified the story to the max – but when the facts rolled in, they corrected their mistake with a mere whisper.

So, there ‘tis.

By Larry Horist

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  • Mike ,,, Mike … Mike. You seem to be losing it. If you read my commentaries, you would know that I am all for removing Confederate flags, symbols and statues from places of honor and to places where they can be put into historic perspective. You seem to not know that the campaign to remove them was led by Republcian governors and legislators several years ago - taking them off the state flags in Texas, Florida. etc. You mention Mississippi, but fail to note that it was done by a Republican governors and a Republican controlled legislature. In your allegiance to false narratives, you fail to recognize the drastic change in the south as Republicans assumed power -- no more government-endorsed KKK. No more lynchings. Massive increase in Black voting. Increase in the number of Black elected officials. No more firehouses and dogs. Why is that? Yes, the south shifted tothe GOP, but it was long after Nixon. The racists hated him because of his affirmative actions program. Did you forget that he launched it. And it was far more successful than Lyndon Johnson’s failed war on poverty. Mike, you really need to do more research and not take all your knowledge from wall graffiti.

    Larry Horist on
  • Since Wallace cant drive worth a shit I figure this was just a ploy for more face time for him but noe I think hes simply just a drama queen

    Gene Hudson on
  • Larry, I would think since you responded to me twice regarding my comments on your article from July 5 that you would recall me calling you out for saying that Democrats are responsible for racism in the South. (I did attempt to ‘explain’ that to you, though I understand you are a little dense.) Although you seem to be too dim to understand, there was a shift in the South from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party, and it started under Nixon, and has continued to this day. Yes, Southern Democrats were racists back in the day, those folks have now migrated to the Republican Party, which is why you now see the Republicans in control across the old South, 50 years ago those were Democrat strongholds. That is a simple indisputable fact. Your reply also indicates that you don’t understand why Black folks don’t care for the Confederate Flag. The fact is, that is the flag of a country that attempted to break away from the Union so they could continue to own slaves. One would have to call them “traitors”. So, yes, Black folk do see the Confederate flag as racist, especially since the folks that proudly display it are Southern Rednecks…Yes, it is time to retire the Confederate Flag to museums, where it can be studied with other historical items. Most Republicans seem to get this-I don’t understand why you don’t? (Case in point-Mississippi).

    Mike on
  • It was nice of Bubba Smollet to apologize for his misunderstanding. He was. Already “Someone”. Why make a complete ass of himself which he could never recover. What he DID prove is that NASCAR drivers are old good people. SHAME SHAME

    Joseph D’Ambrosio on
  • When are we going to stop believing Fake News and enjoy life.

    Dixie Lattanze on

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