COVID Tests Are Wrong - A Lot

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You can't make this stuff up.

Citizens of the United States have experienced a complete upset of our way of life, our economy, and even our values -- from what is clearly now much more than an ordinary pandemic (a disease spread between multiple countries):

it's a PLANDEMIC of epic proportions.

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We know that Bill "King Vaccine" Gates and other New World Order leaders met six weeks before the first reports of a new, severe bronchial infection leaked out of Wuhan, China. The elites convened to role-play at Event 21, a supposedly fictional scenario that is chillingly similar to the events that transpired globally from December 2019.

Since then, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), led by Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, continue to insist that COVID-19 poses an ongoing threat to the hospital system. This has proved untrue to the point where emergency facilities set up in great haste and acclaim were quietly disassembled and carted off after no flood of patients showed up for care.

The mainstream media (MSM) constantly pounds to a pulp the same propaganda message we heard after 9/11, after a mass shooting, or after a violent riot: "Live in fear! Big Brother knows best."

One way to keep Americans on guard against this new "unseen enemy" - that's the germ that causes the disease, by the way - is to broadcast clinical results to support the Health Nazi's contention that our society needs to shut up and follow orders, no matter how stupidly useless they are.

Many Americans just don't roll that away. These rational minds weigh the evidence that slips through the cracks of the major social media outlets. There is so much of it that the muzzlers can't keep up with the steady stream of first-hand testimony that contradicts just about every part of the official narrative regarding the Wuhan coronavirus.

Months ago, independent news sources revealed that medical tests given to identify whether or not a person had been infected by the viral infection were giving both false positives and false negatives.

In science, true outcomes are always better than false ones. A false positive test says that someone who isn't infected is. A false negative test says that someone who is infected isn't. Both are dangerous conclusions.

In May 2020, the CDC dropped this bombshell:

Antibody tests used to detect prior infection "might be wrong" up to half the time. This is huge news that was downplayed by the MSM. The CDC sprang into action and did what they do best: they issued new guidelines.

In June, the Federal Emergency Management Agency looked into quality-control issues raised by some states that were equipped with COVID-19 test kits manufactured by Fillakit. Rather than supply standard medical vials, some 4 million of these kits - all bound for state health agencies - contained faulty plastic tubes provided to hold and transport the coronavirus test samples back to the lab.

Fillakit opted to use plastic containers designed to be expanded to be used as soda bottles. Worse, these food-grade (rather than medical-grade) vials were also reported to have been produced in unsanitary conditions.

A senior FEMA official confided that his agency was concerned that the faulty tests "could" produce inaccurate results. Ya think? Federal health officials responded by advising recipients of the tainted Fillakit test kits not to use them. Sage advice indeed.

In one of its daily COVID-19 report published in mid-July, the Florida Department of Health listed laboratories throughout the state that had 100% positivity rates - all patients had tested positive for the disease.

The biggest hospital system in Southwest Florida soon set the record straight: it was untrue to say 100% of their labs were positive for COVID-19 testing. Take a guess at what the real number was before reading on for the truth of the matter from the horse's mouth:

The Lee Health hospital system (the one in question) reported that its laboratory testing of potential COVID-19 cases showed an overall positivity rate of about 18%.

Chew on that. The official narrative was that a certain hospital system had reported that ALL their patients showed scientific evidence of exposure to the virus. The truth was that only 18 out of 100 people returned positive results.

That's a big difference between 18 and 100. Ponder that again. How hard would it have been for the Florida DOH to contact Lee Health to get the facts of the matter?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. False tests are being used to suppress the American people. Just a few days ago, on August 18, the TDA alerted doctors and lab techs to "inaccuracies" from laboratory equipment and software used for Thermo Fisher's TaqPath genetic test.

It's time to stop counting test results when the test results are grossly unreliable and just plain wrong. To do otherwise is oppressive and downright anti-American.

by LightWorker111


  • I’ve said all along that COVID 19 was a hoax by the left to tamper with the election. This just verified what I thought. America wake up and sneeze the coffee. We are being lied to by the left, by the Fake Media, by Bill Gates and by many doctors who do not want President Trump to win this election.

    Carolyn on

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