CDC creates zombie preparedness kits in response to COVID-19

By Audra L.

Just when you thought you could trust that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would utilize common sense and medical expertise to save us all from certain illnesses, they come up with this: A packet that teaches us how to prepare for zombie life! Yes, you read that right. They have books and posters that are currently being utilized to teach us how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the CDC’s website, they are using the zombie motif to help people understand the steps they need to take in order to prepare for any medical emergency. “We have books and we have curriculum for classrooms that can be used to teach everyone what they will need in order to be prepared for an emergency like that of a zombie apocalypse,” it reads on their website. The CDC then goes on to explain how every person should have water, food, medications, tools, sanitation items, clothing, important documents to prove your identity, and first aid supplies tucked away in their home so that they can be accessed in case of a real emergency. In addition to having these supplies, the CDC wants you to know exactly where in your home you will hide in case a zombie appears outside your door step. “Always have a meeting place for your family to regroup in case zombies invade your home,” it states on their website.

The CDC goes on to explain that we have nothing to fear because they are on the case! They provide a step-by-step approach that they are prepared to take in case of a zombie invasion. Without a doubt, this is all probably just some “funny” idea that the CDC came up with to help us understand the importance of preparing for any emergency. My only question is this: When did the CDC become comedians that would make fun of any major catastrophe that we might encounter? They are not meant to find tongue and cheek methods to help us understand the importance of preparing for any outbreak, yet they have decided that the utilization of zombies would be a great way to help us prepare for COVID-19. As if there aren’t enough things to worry about, now we have to worry that the coronavirus will turn folks into a zombie.  The CDC even has a “Zombie Task Force” that they invite folks to join. You can even purchase “Zombie Task Force” t-shirts so that everyone will know that you are on board to fighting the zombies that may inevitably invade our communities.

Whether you agree with the CDC’s methods or not, one thing is for sure…they have a weird sense of humor. Maybe this is why the jokes should be told by professional comedians, rather than organizations that are meant to place their focus on disease prevention…not zombie attacks. We can only hope that this odd sense of preparedness can assist with individuals understanding how to use the techniques suggested on the website for emergencies that actually happen. Let’s cross our fingers on that one…as well as cross our fingers that there aren’t really zombies out there.

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  • Blaming Trump is not going to accomplish anything . Or Biden or Obama for this matter.
    What is now known is China knew weeks ,,,weeks before they advised us a leak had occurred,, China knew
    the Virus was loose. The news media knew of this also,, however jumped on Blame Trump when
    they should have been blaming the Airlines for flying the virus all over the world .Funny ,the media travels in Business jets not commercial jets ,, thats mostly out of Teeterboro NJ ..and back.
    What is you commentors might be interested in—- this most likely might be very true.Covid 19 does mutate ,,
    with a little help from some labs "accidentally " leaking a new virus or mutated ,this kit could well be a lot more than funny and whats funny,,—-?? These kits are being stocked and sold , , what does that tell you ???

    Jay Carli on
  • The CDC was CREATED to have America PREPARED for the NEXT Epidemic/Pandemic and have failed that mandate in spectacular fashion! I’ll consult the Comedy Network for useful information. The were aided and abetted by a media that has it’s collective heads so far up their anal canal even China doesn’t trust them.

    Carl T Smith on
  • Scientists around the world are messing with DNA and genes. Don’t be so quick to dismiss this as fiction. Study and research what’s going on in Cern, Switzerland with the machine of harnessing power. It very well could be real.

    William Sweez on
  • To Don; This was known long before a year ago. Proof it was in the sewers of Italy over two (2) years ago😻

    BIll ANtonini on
  • This is old news, I heard this last year before Covid was even thought of. It was a tongue in cheek release.

    DON on

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