Marvel’s MCU Captain America Predicted the Coronavirus!

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Within the MCU like millions of other fans, Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, is my favorite character.

Chris Evans has played the Star-Spangled Avenger over the course of 11 films since making his debut in 2011’s, Captain America: The First Avenger.

It is in that film, that a sharp eyed viewer, and known “conspiracy theorist” Scott L Biddie, claims that an “Easter egg” in that film predicted the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.

To substantiate his rather bizarre theory, on his Facebook page, Biddie shows a clip from the 2011 film, where the recently awakened in what is to him the future, Cap is running down the streets of Manhattan. He stops dead in his tracks in shocked amazement as he sees what has become of Times Square in the 70 years he has been frozen since World War II. Biddie freezes the frame, and we can see in the background an advertisement for Corona beer, the depiction of a virus, and a face mask above a car!

The theory has gone viral all over Facebook and other social media. Most of Biddie’s followers believe he is right, and are arguing that somehow Marvel knew, and gave a hint about the coronavirus outbreak back in 2011.

"Truth in plain sight. They always do that," commented Dee Sam, a Facebook user.

"Predictive programming," commented Darrell Catwell, a YouTuber.

Biddie is among a large group of conspiracy theorists who believe that “The Illuminati,” an invisible secret government Cabal, has a direct role behind every happening on the Earth. According to the conspiracy theorists, major corporations like Marvel owe their success to and have direct links to this group, and through their movies, they gave hints to people regarding future events.

The Captain America hint is not the only one out there regarding COVID-19. A few weeks back, citing an episode in The Simpsons, several conspiracy theorists, including Biddie, had argued that the popular cartoon show had predicted the coronavirus outbreak. In the episode that aired in 1993, the makers depicted the rise of a pandemic named Osaka Flu, and several people now argue that they were actually referring to the coronavirus.

Mike F. Strong



What do you think, just a coincidence? Or did Captain America predict the COVID-19 Pandemic? Reply using the comments below!

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